Plum (maynard) wrote,


yes, i think i am done...enough writing for one night i think, it was nice to do that, it's been a while since i just started writing about what has been in my mind, with no certain topic in mind. just listening to music and let things flow through, can't believe i wrote that much's pretty calming, with a bit to drink and some good music to listen to...and by the way, i have been listening to Placebo-Meds album in the background, i've been recently addicted to the album. should listen to it, if you actually read this, ha... SHIT! it's almost 7 and i was wanting to go to bed by 3-4 to get on a better schedule, perhaps that will come for Christmas, ha...

the passerby
such a subtle creature
in your sights
then cross behind in the periphery
no thought of who it was
cause of action to walk
or consequence of passing
push past as a mere acquaintance
saying hello in just a shake
goodbye with a simple nod
without ever knowing the path
or recollection in memory
seems so evident in their mind
and so irrelevant in yours
want to try for something more
but come across so naive
unkind to someone that thought of you
so close to hold a place in their sights
in their minds
couldn't even place the face to show
a common courtesy, asshole ways
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