Plum (maynard) wrote,

blabbering.....i'm in the mood to write

yes my mind wonders
it's not your fault
pressing issues come and go
give presidence for two moments
then kicked back on the rusty shelf
it's not like you ever really cared
this is not today but tomorrow
that everyone lives in
leave less time than is given
and it all gets washed away
into an abyss that no one knows that is there
no one cares to see the repercussions
no one wants to see the result of what is done
figure it was what is played out
and nothing can change that
no consequence, nothing happened
naive and jaded to everything that was
future always seems more hopeful
no steps taken towards

medication only drowns the lost
gives a semi-comatose reality
a false exaggerated hope
of what is mixed in the personal lacking
it is not the pill that makes you better
the only cure is the ability to see and accept.
of all the loss and heartache
pharmacist suggestions repress the obvious
build a bank off the unwillingness to push walls down
to take time to really see what has happened
see how things have changed, moved pieces
mixed up life and reshuffled a puzzle
that was never meant to be one dimensional
things come and things go
some never really leave in mind and soul
but stay and grow to become something better
than you would ever know
it is the growth that matters
nothing ever pulls you back,
either pushing to a subtle pace
or a slingshot into a space uncharted

swept up going downstream
shore never seems too safe
paralyzing cold water gives comfort
keeps me warm in the deadliest of ways
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