Plum (maynard) wrote,

lost in the days

taken by surprise
in the looking glass
that has always been there
like waking from a dream
that was never yours
pondering how the past has led
to the state of present being
that i have chosen
or should i say
has chosen me
the people, the places,
the circumstances that react and dissolve
the things you hold on to
with a gentle touch or a death grip
throughout the days
or throughout the years
finding the little treasures
in day to day life
that help open your eyes each day
to face another
the girl you met the day before
the new trivial happening that occupies time
or maybe it's the wonder that drives you
that something new will happen this day
changing your perception of reality
of being
or just to look at a single object
in a different light
slowing time to a crawl
just to watch a single occurrence
that you've seen thousands of times before
just to find a better understanding

done for the rant of the day, catch me tomorrow for perhaps another epiphany that fizzles out into an LJ post that will be lost in the code of internet, alas i should do this more often, as a hobbit, i do not interact with people on a level above drunken chatter on a saturday night, so a computer screen that i may spill rattled thoughts onto might uncompress this tattered mind
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you should post more often... nobody I know ever posts on lj anymore... myspace and facebook are ok but come on... some of us still like to communicate instead of spending all of our time playing games and adding people to their mobs and taking movie quizzes and posting bulletins that get lost in a sea of bulletins and then there are the pictures... oh my god the pictures... now what good is livejournal? it doesn't have full size pictures and shit... so yeah... if you can't tell I miss lj and I'm getting sick of mybook and facespace... so yes please post more if for no other reason than for me... Oh, and by the way I'm coming up the weekend after next. Me and Jen are going to see Dredg in Atlanta next weekend... so yeah... I don't suppose you have room on your couch for bob the weekend after next do you?
damn you, i want to see dredg in chicago but have no money...and i have enough room on my couch for bobbo
must be a big couch...
i have two, i can push the two together if need be, ha